Social Enterprise – vision and mission

Our vision is for prosperous, connected and empowered smallholder farming communities in the South Pacific.

Prosperous means:

  • Fair incomes that are higher than bulk commodity markets
  • Supplying high quality, organic products for artisan markets for a better price
  • Sustainable incomes and markets that are not reliant on aid

Connected means:

  • Farmers working together, families working together, communities working together
  • Premium South Pacific products connected with artisan markets and consumers
  • For consumers to know the farmer’s story and build a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the South Pacific

Empowered means:

  • Improved rural livelihoods, where increased earnings for rural communities can enable improvements in other aspects of rural life
  • Rural communities have choices and are not forced into accepting unfavourable conditions

Our mission is to ethically source high quality food products from the South Pacific, craft them into artisan goods to supply into Australian premium markets and to set the bar for ethical supply chain partnerships.

As a primarily cacao and chocolate enterprise, our core products are based on premium, sundried cacao beans from the Solomon Islands, which are crafted into artisan cacao and chocolate products for wholesale and retail Australian markets.

We will use our partnerships, connections and networks to source other premium products that are ethically sourced and organically produced in the South Pacific such as vanilla, coconut and ngali nuts.

Walking alongside our peers, we will set the bar for ethical supply chain partnerships through fairness, transparency and supporting rural communities with other projects.