The Cacao to Chocolate value chain – Part 1 Cacao

Pacific project – Makira Toktok: The voice of Makira

For cacao farmers

Cocoa training video series produced by PHAMA


ABC- Pacific Beat

In this interview Jessica Pedemont, co-founder of South Pacific Cacao speaks about the importance of knowing where our cacao comes from, giving back to the communities that are involved and educating people in ethical chocolate. 2021.

Interview starts at 35:50 min until the end.

ABC- Pacific Beat “Solomon Islands”

In this interview Brian Atkin one of the founders of South Pacific Cacao speaks about our ethical cacao and how we can all try and make a difference at Easter time and showcasing the amazing cacao beans and other products the Solomon Islands have to offer.

Interview by: Jordan Fennell – 12/04/2022

‘ETHICAL CACAO PODS’ Feat. Jessica Pedemont

In this video you can watch Chocolate Artisan Jessica Pedemont at her workshop in Haberfield, in her natural element producing delicious chocolate. In this video see our delicious ‘Ethical Cacao Pods’ being made.