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South Pacific Cacao’s Dads’ Choice

This is a one off co- collaboration with one of the co-founders of South Pacific Cacao, Jessica Pedemont from Chocolate Artisan has brought in her expertise creating fluffy vanilla marshmallow squares, the vanilla bean used is what we bring in from Manus Island, PNG.

The spiced cacao husk cookie squares have been created to showcase the cacao husk that we produce from the winnowing process, when we receive the dry bean we hand sort, roast, cool, winnow (crack and seperate), to produce the nibs and the husk.

It is this husk that Jessica has taken and mixed with mixed spice blend from Herbie’s Spices , Pepe Saya cultured butter, free range eggs, single origin stone ground flour, Olsson’s salt, raw organic Bundaberg sugar and much, much more.

This is a play on a ‘s’more’ where you can take some of the chocolate that Brian Atkin the other co-founder and Father in the South Pacific Cacao team has selected and sandwich it with the cookie, and toast the marshmallow over the fire, sandwich and enjoy!


  • 1x packet Ngali Brittle sandwiched between 75% dark chocolate
  • Cacao Brewing Pouches (10 pack)
  • 4 x S’mores (includes 4 x house made vanilla marshmallow, 8 x cacao husk spiced biscuits)
  • 1 x 75% Dark chocolate bar
  • 1 x Lala with nibs chocolate bar

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