Double Chocolate Crunch Bar


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Our Double Chocolate Crunch bar is full of surprises! Based on our 75% dark chocolate, we use
cacao from farmer David Kebu and up the ante with roasted cacao nibs for a great textured
crunch. The nibs bring the cacao content up to 85%, and that ups the nutrition too – the
theobromine in cacao has many health benefits. The fun part is the way the flavours change
with each bite.

With nibs scattered through this bar, each mouthful holds not just texture but bursts of different
flavour. Its dried fruit aroma is inviting, and in the mouth as the nibs are crunched, expect raisin,
Guinness and an overall yeasty bittersweetness.

Ingredients: Organic cacao, organic cacao nibs, organic raw sugar, undeodorised cacao butter.


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