75% Temotu Dark Chocolate


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This is a real “meet the farmer” chocolate. The cacao is grown and harvested by Philip Lepping
in Temotu Provinces – formerly known as the Santa Cruz Islands. It takes three days for his
beans to be shipped to Honiara, where they are hand-sorted and packed into Grainpro
hermetic storage bags for export to us in Sydney. The South Pacific Cacao team again hand-
sorts the beans, roasts and processes them, and the resulting chocolate – with white sugar the
only other ingredient – is aged for extra complexity before tempering and moulding into bars.
This is something special.

Wow. The fragrance on opening is like a walk in the tropics. There’s a surprising brightness on
the palate – think lemon, pineapple, green banana. Full-bodied yet blissfully smooth.

Ingredients: Organic cacao nibs, white sugar

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