75% Spiced Dark Chocolate


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Inspired by a warm cup of spiced hot chocolate, this 75% cacao-content bar zings with a blend
of spices which balance and complement the rich chocolate. All the spices are ground in-house
individually and blended with precision. The pinch of salt is the clincher!

This bar has umami in spades! The fragrance is a nose-tingler, and the flavour has a hectic,
peppery punch and definite chilli heat, the salt mellowing the effect. Savoury, with notes of
warm spice, and finishes on a burnt caramel back palate.

Ingredients: Organic cacao nibs, organic raw sugar, undeodorised cacao butter, organic dried
red chillies, organic cinnamon quills, organic vanilla beans, smoked sea salt and organic black


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