*Limited Edition* 70% Makira Bar


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In the chocolate competition world, the two-ingredient bar showcases the chocolatier’s craft.
With only the quality of the cacao to draw on, the best beans are used, and the processing
means all. South Pacific Cacao’s 70% Makira dark uses only beans from a World Vision
partnership with smallholder Solomons cacao farmers in Makira, and plain, flavour-neutral
white sugar. The beans are solar-dried using new technology, women and the disabled of the
community take part in harvest and sorting, and emphasis is on improved methods and
training, increased yield and long-term economic empowerment. SPC imports a small quantity
of these special, premium beans for this very limited-edition product.

The fruity notes of this bar is remarkable, and it carries through to flavours – think the richness of
prunes and dried fig. There’s the slightest touch of tamarind-like astringency to round it out.

Ingredients: Makira organic cacao, white sugar.

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