60% Hot Chocolate


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60% Hot Chocolate

Banish all thoughts of yukky cocoa powder! This is the same chocolate used in our bars,
processed in a grating machine to fine, near-powdery perfection. Use it for a cup of hot
chocolate happiness – but remember, it’s not a quick-fix cuppa. Because it’s real chocolate,
you should heat it with milk (or water if preferred) on a stove top, not a microwave, stirring
to mix it well. It’s worth the wait! You can also add our Hot Chocolate powder to your
favourite coffee for a mocha taste sensation, or include it in cookies, cakes, brownies or any
other chocolaty baking.

It comes in three grades of cacao strength – 60%, 75% and 100% –
so you can experiment and find your favourite.

Ingredients: Organic cacao nibs, organic raw sugar, undeodorised cacao butter.

Suggestions for use: This crushed chocolate can be used when you need a little bit of delicious chocolate happiness. Use it to make hot chocolate, mix into your favourite coffee for a mocha sensation, or add to cookies, cakes, brownies & slices.

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