*Limited Edition* Two Figs Port Bar


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South Pacific Cacao has collaborated with sister company Chocolate Artisan to create this
luxurious dark chocolate bar. It highlights the Tipsy Tawny port from artisan Two Figs Winery in
Shoalhaven, NSW, a producer of elegant, award-winning wines. It’s not just a matter of adding
a splash of port to the mix: the roasted cacao beans are macerated in port for six months, then
dried but not re-roasted before processing. There’s no alcohol left in the finished bar, but the
flavour of port is unmistakable.

The perfume of this bar is heavenly! Umami-rich, Vegemite-y notes build into a jammy reduction
with a rich dried cherry fullness. Because of the depth of flavour, one small piece can satisfy the
discerning chocolate lover.

Ingredients: Organic cacao nibs, white sugar, Two Figs Tipsy Tawny Port.

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