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In October for our email subscribers we were very excited to share the opportunity to sponsor the A1 Games, an important sporting community event on the island of Makira in the Solomon Islands!

Community activities such as Sport are vitally important in Solomon rural areas as they are constructive healthy activities that protect many young people from falling under the influence of alcohol and drugs, especially over the Christmas period.

The A1 Games, are an annual community event in the district of Arosi 1, West Makira that is hosted by a different village each year.


Over 1,000 male and female athletes from twenty two villages are coming together in late December to play netball, soccer and volleyball at the A1 Games.

The event creates positive community vibes and economic benefits around the district. This year co-founder of South Pacific Cacao,  Brian’s home village of Tawatana was looking for sponsorship to help raise funds for soccer balls, netballs, netball posts and rings, soccer goal nets, and team uniforms.

 By hosting sports tournaments, their village will continue to attract people, and this is an opportunity for there local people to sell their produce/products and make money for school fees and other family needs. You can follow all the updates of the games on Facebook, Click here

The games have been scheduled to commence on Boxing Day.

During October and November, our supporters purchased Makira A1 Packs from South Pacific Cacao. The results of the fundraising activities meant that we have been able to purchase iron goal posts, soccer balls, netball nets, trophies, some sporting uniforms and have had some welding work completed.

makira photo1makira photo 2
Pictures above: referee training underway in Tawatana.  
netball courtPHOTO-2021-10-12-11-16-08construction
Photos: construction of new netball court, picking up the newly made netball rings.
May be an image of 10 people, people standing and outdoors
Balls and trophies sponsored by South Pacific Cacao.

The efforts to construct the sporting facilities in Tawatana have been significant. Materials need to be purchased on the capital Honiara on another island, transported by ship for nearly 2 days then landed by dinghy on a small beach.

May be an image of one or more people and ocean
Dinghy for landing construction materials.
May be an image of outdoors
Bags of cement that have been landed on the beach at Tawatana by dinghy. Fortunately the sea is calm today.

We look forward to being able to provide further updates of the A1 Games!