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Grainpro Solar bubble drier

We are currently trialling some new technology for drying cacao beans. We introduced the Grainpro Solar Bubble Drier (SBD) to the Solomons and we arranged for a Grainpro rep to attend the Solomon Islands chocolate festival so they could demonstrate the unit. Post festival we were kindly provided with a unit by PHAMA and we have set it up in Togori village, Makira in what is the first trial for the Pacific. After the first trial we will send it down to our cacao farms at Waimarae, West Makira.

These SBDs are better than existing solar driers for a few reasons:

  • They still dry the commodity in rainy and overcast conditions (common in Solomons)
  • They are easy to ship to the end destination, packed inside a few boxes (approx 50kg total) and can be setup in 2 hours
  • They are easy to pack away in case of cyclones

As well as those benefits, they are even better than the usual artificial driers used for the bulk market beans due to:

  • Don’t need to chop firewood and maintain a fire for the 3 days+ of drying
  • More cost effective

We’re very excited to be leading this innovative new technology within the Solomons and also leading this for the Pacific.

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