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Fathers day – Kenmore South State School

I supplied quite a few dark chocolate and coconut milk chocolate bars for a Fair trade Fathers day stall at our kids school.

So if you’ve found out about us from getting a Makira Gold chocolate bar as a fathers day present, then I hope you enjoy it!

Those chocolate bars are have been hand crafted by me using Solomon Islands cacao beans.

The process of making bean to bar chocolate is:

Roasting, cracking, winnowing (to remove the husks), pre-grinding, grinding/conching in my tabletop melanger for 2 days, hand tempering, pouring into the chocolate molds, then finally wrapping and labelling.

The cacao beans are either grown and processed by my family in the Solomons, or we have sourced from other cacao farmers.

Our business exists to give Solomon Islands cacao farmers and their families the market access to a better and fairer price for their top quality cacao.

If you’d like to show some support for our enterprise, then please like our Facebook or Instagram pages, or even drop us a nice note through the Contact page.

Stay tuned for our chocolate products in local stores at some point early next year.



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